posted 13.10.2018

Wine thieves thwarted with a fingerprint

At Harris Grant we’re using biometric fingerprint technology to help wine connoisseurs safeguard their precious cellar contents against light-fingered teenagers and other unwelcome visitors.

It’s the stuff of nightmares for serious wine lovers. A thirsty teenager helps themselves to the contents of your cellar, grabbing that last precious bottle of Château Margaux to lubricate a Friday night gathering with friends.

For many of us, our wine collection represents a few supermarket sourced bottles, tucked in the fridge or under the stairs. But for hardcore connoisseurs and collectors, it’s a significant investment as much as a source of indulgent pleasure.

At Harris Grant we’ve recently been approached by a number of residential clients who want to make sure their wine cellars are secured against opportunistic raids. There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned lock and key, of course. But as a more elegant line of defence, we’ve had several requests to provide a high-tech solution with a touch of theatricality thrown in.

In response we’ve created a biometric entry system for wine cellar experts Sorrells, who craft stunning customised cellars and storage spaces for residential properties.

Drawing on today’s smart access technologies, the client’s cellar is protected by a keyless fingerprint sensor by building tech experts GIRA. Once the owner’s unique print is recognised, signals sent over a KNX backbone instantly open an electronic lock.

For sneaky youngsters and other unauthorised drinkers, however, it’s a case of ‘access denied’ whenever the wrong finger is presented to the scanner.