Universities and colleges. Government buildings. Museums, galleries, cinemas and concert halls. Sporting venues. Luxury hotels. Harris Grant makes every public venue sound like a million dollars... and much more.

A formidable reputation for excellence is founded on cutting-edge acoustic techniques, like custom diffusers that precisely shape the sonic character of any architectural space. With Harris Grant you’ll always hear the difference. There are few acoustic and technical design consultancies who can match the creative ambitions, technical expertise or sheer global reach of Harris Grant.

From major performance spaces in the US and Asia to one of the UK’s most visionary educational establishments, Harris Grant brings impeccable sound and extraordinary style to an audience of millions.

    view our projects by location

  • America
    • Cinerama
    • Freedom Centre St. Louis
  • Germany
    • Bonn
    • Köln Concert Hall
    • Parliament Building
  • Holland
    • Muzik Centrum
  • Italy
    • La Scala (Sony Room)
  • Japan
    • Takazaki Concert Hall
  • Norway
    • Oslo Concert Hall
  • Spain
    • Palais de Sport
  • United Kingdom
    • Bexley Academy
    • Bridge Academy
    • Djanogly City Academy
    • Houses of Parliament
    • Immingham Academy
    • Jaguar Cars
    • Lord’s Cricket Ground
    • Liverpool Inst. of Performing Arts
    • Oasis Academy
    • Redrow Homes
    • Sanderson Hotel
    • St Martins Hotel
    • Tate Modern
    • Thomas Deacon Academy
    • University of Bristol Mathematics Building
    • University of Bristol Physics Building
    • Waterside Canary Wharf
    • Yamaha London

core skills

  • Acoustic consultancy
  • Ambient noise measurement
  • Technical and control systems
  • Networked IT systems
  • Architectural and systems integration
  • Lighting, climate and environmental systems
  • Room analysis and modelling
  • Facility design
  • Centralized and cloud storage
  • Cabled & wireless infrastructure, access and roaming
  • Touch screen and mobile control
  • Building access, control and management