studio UK

True artists trust Harris Grant to capture the finest nuances that shape each bar and beat of every musical performance.

Neil Grant combines a formidable technical and acoustic pedigree with an intuitive artistic sensibility. Today, he continues to work with a wide range of acclaimed UK-based composers and performers, helping to turn their highly personal artistic vision into reality.

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  • Belfast
    • Van Morrison
  • Buckinghamshire
    • Mike Oldfield
  • Liverpool
    • Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts
  • London
    • Alan Derby
    • BBC Maida Vale
    • CBS Records
    • Church Studios
    • Hit Factory
    • Hot Food Music
    • Odyssey
    • Pinewood Studios
    • Rocket Network
    • Swan Yard
    • Tape Gallery
    • The Hospital
    • Utopia
    • Virgin Radio
  • Manchester
    • Futureworks
    • Granada
  • Oxfordshire
    • Chipping Norton Studios
    • Solid State Logic
  • Somerset
    • The Wool Hall
  • Wiltshire
    • Real World
    • The Distillery

studio world

If you love music, you’ll hear Neil Grant’s unique sonic fingerprint on million-selling recordings from many of the world’s most successful and critically acclaimed artists.

And if you love film, you’ll appreciate the same attention to detail that’s gone into Harris Grant’s acoustic designs for dubbing suites and mix studios on both sides of the Atlantic.From Sony Classical’s German facility to New York’s legendary Hit Factory, Harris Grant has shaped the way great records, movies and TV programmes sound.

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  • America
    • Starstruck Nashville
    • Hit Factory New York
    • Sony Classical New York
    • Sony Music New York
    • Battery New York
    • Matt Lange New York
    • Odds On Las Vegas
    • Conway Recording Studio Los Angeles
    • Neptune Valley Los Angeles
    • Lake House Seattle
  • Australia
    • Rhinoceros
  • Bahrain
    • 2 Seas
  • Czech Republic
    • Barandov Film Studio
  • Germany
    • Arco
    • Dieter Dierks
    • Harold Faltemeyer
    • Sony Classical
  • Italy
    • Baby Records
  • Poland
    • Buffo
    • Polski Radio
    • Radio Gdansk
  • Kuwait
    • Ardiya TV
  • Russia
    • Russia World Studios
    • Sony
  • Japan
    • Hitokuchi-Zaka
  • Taipei
    • Digimax

core skills

  • Acoustic consultancy and design
  • Acoustic finishes, design and specification
  • Studio management and control systems
  • Console and outboard processing
  • Network systems design and integration
  • Technical systems design and specification
  • Acoustic measurement and analysis
  • Architectural coordination and systems integration
  • Control Room reference monitoring
  • Mechanical systems, specification and design
  • Studio furniture design and integration