posted 12.10.2018

From stem to stern: creating a visual interface for superyacht clients with Crab Creative

In the modern home, there are multiple apps and controllers for everything, from managing and adjusting lighting, temperature, security to audiovisual entertainment. So imagine the vast array of systems and inputs on board a 62.4m first-class yacht.

Working with Costas Michalia and the talented design team at Crab Creative, Harris Grant has realised a visual interface to integrate all of the services and ambience adjustments available across the superyacht Madame Kate – from audiovisual systems to food and beverage services to environmental and broadcast operations to navigation information.

Due to the eclectic mix of guests and their variety of languages and understanding of onboard systems, the interface needed to be solely visual. An intuitive and high-performance user experience, that did not use any written or spoken language prompts.

The solution for Madame Kate is visual and intuitive interface that integrates all available services and environmental adjustments across the vessel in one app. The yacht is equipped with a number of iPads and iPods connected to iBeacon, allowing the app to understand their position on a micro-local scale, and deliver content based on location. With only a few clicks and no use of text, passengers can order a mojito, book a massage, broadcast a football match or change lighting settings.

The interface developed by Crab for Harris Grant was designed to be as ‘skin-able’ as possible, allowing new icon sets, colourways and graphics to be overlaid as needed. Creating a platform that is as flexible and easy to use requires a unique skillset. Next time you pick up your remote control at home, count the buttons. Do you know what each button does? Multiply this ship-wide across several systems including audiovisual, environmental and telephony to name a few, and you’ll quickly realise the depth and breadth of the solution required for Madame Kate.