posted 26.04.2016

Beyond luxury

Great teamwork’s the secret of every successful project. And we’re honoured to partner on many of our marine and residential commissions with Silverlining, one of the world’s most exclusive and in-demand furniture makers.silverlining furniture makers

You soon run out of superlatives trying to describe the British designer’s extraordinary work. Every commission is totally unique, with an unerring focus on peerless craftsmanship and exquisite materials. Absolutely everything is imagined and realised in house: nothing’s subcontracted or outsourced. And for Silverlining’s discerning clients around the world, it’s the sheer aesthetic experience of each project that matters – not the price tag.

Whether it’s a 100m superyacht or a $100 million apartment, we often find ourselves working alongside the Silverlining team to meet clients’ needs in spectacularly innovative ways – like a flat screen TV that pops magically out of a hand-crafted cabinet and disappears when it’s not needed.

Like Harris Grant, the company is celebrating three successful decades in business. And just like our own practice, the rigours of designing for often harsh marine environments add a challenging extra dimension to every Silverlining commission. Woods and veneers must be capable of withstanding extremes of temperature, humidity and UV light. And unlike your average penthouse in London, New York or Kuala Lumpur, there are strict regulations imposed by the International Maritime Organization that bigger boats and their furnishings must adhere to.

“A big proportion of our design and manufacturing capacity is geared to pure R&D”, says Silverlining director Jason Chadda. “We also work closely with organisations like Manchester University and luxury car-builder McLaren to explore new materials and processes that have never been seen in this kind of environment. This is about stretching the limits of the possible, and doing things that have simply never been done before.”silverlining_designers

2016 is shaping up to be another very interesting year, with some exciting – and confidential – joint European commissions for Silverlining and Harris Grant in the frame. Stay tuned: we’ll tell you more as soon as we can.